Friday, December 3, 2010

A Higer Court--John L. Betcher (marathon book 2)

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One of my favorite authors (this year) has switched gears and given readers alot to think about!
A Higher Court is a fictional story about one man's search for the truth.
This one took me a while to read partly because there is so much data and detail.
It is a convincing story to say the least. Betcher did an amazing job of researching not only scientific data but historical and Biblical facts.
I promise you will be surprised by the ending. (don't cheat and read the end!)

As a believer this one was challenging for me. As a believer though we are challenged to share God's love and the Gospel of Christ. A Higher Court is a great tool for that effort. But some may have questions. (read on)

The story opens when the main character deals with the sudden death of his father. And then suddenly the story moves into the trial. The different characters (the witnesses) throughout the trial testify about either their belief or non-belief. There are a lot of different characters.

One imparticular the atheist Metal Worker shares his testimony in Chapter 13. Some readers might be bothered by the language that is used in this chapter. But for me I was able to read on past it and continue with the plot. The language used in this chapter made the character real.

For me I think that once again Betcher did an amazing job of developing the plot and characters into a great fictional story.

But, with this one I applaud him because it shared a message.

Why not check out the first chapter. Here's a link: A Higher Court.

Wondering why John Betcher is one of my fav's this year? Check out his site for info. on his other books. Or go here and here for my reviews. (on the edge of my seat waiting for the next Beck book!)

You can purchase A Higher Court at Amazon.

Thanks again John for allowing me the opportunity to check it out! And thanks for offering the give a way.

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  1. I enjoyed John Betcher's Beck books and would be pleased to read his latest...thanks!