Friday, June 10, 2011

Boy have I been . . .

. . . doin some readin'.

O.K. I guess I am probably the only person on earth that hasn't read anything by Karen Kingsley. At least I was.

Because I am now on the last book in The Redemption Series.

I have just loved these books. There are 5 in this series.

It begins with this one . . .

I have really enjoyed each book. I have loved the stories. I have loved the characters. Although it is a series the author does an amazing job of 'fillin' the reader in on what was going on in the previous book. ItalicI think each book can stand alone.

But I recommend searching them out . . . getting the first one and reading them all the way through. Take a long weekend and enjoy some good scratch that Great reading.

One of the things that I think is so great is that Miss Kingsley does an amazing job of sharing her faith and introducing the reader into faith in God without being overly preachy. (at least in my opnion)

If you haven't run across these books check them out. Buy the group as a present for a friend, a present for yourself. They are great for any age! Here's a link to the authors website. . . click here Check them out!

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