Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 19th Element by John L. Betcher

Another Hooray for John Betcher and his character James "Beck" Becker. Beck is at it again fighting crime in Betcher's newest novel The 19th Element. This book is the 2nd in the James Becker Thriller series. You can go here to read my review of Betcher's debut novel. I loved it too. I was thrilled that Mr. Betcher enjoyed my review so much that he gave me a chance to read his 2nd book.I loved this one too. The story is about attorney James "Beck" Becker who just happens to be retired from government service. He and his wife Beth (who is also retired from government work) attempt life in the small town of Red Wing Minnesota. Unfortunately for Beth her husband seems to struggle with small town lawyering. I loved what she said at the end of the book..."Babe. You can't keep playing Rambo. I like our life here in Red Wing. And I'd really love for us to grow old together." Her voice was playful but poignant."Doll" I said. (reviewers comment. I would love to be called 'Doll'. ) "I can't stop being who I am. And part of that will always involve taking calculated risks. Would I be the same husband if I spent my days cooped up in that law office, or my evenings in front of the television?" I loved this one part to me it just so describes Beck. I love his character. He is charming. He is trustworthy and as described by Beth I see part Rambo and part ; oh darn who is the Bruce Willis Die Hard character? You know who I mean. And well maybe a little Mel Gibson thrown in.Betcher does a great job of telling a story. There is suspense and thrill and humor all rolled into one great book.I have to say though this book was a little more on the technical side than the previous book. And for me it was a little disappointing. But that is just me. What I missed was the "Beck" escapades. And the 'Beth' moments. But I was please to be introduced to one of their daughters. Of course Bull (Becks friend and stalwart companion in crime fighting) and Gunner (the county Deputy Sheriff) all played apart in solving the crime and getting the bad guys.And sorry to disappoint but I am just not going to give any more of the story away. You'll just have to buy the book. Trust me you'll enjoy it.I would highly recommend this book for all audiences. There was no foul language. And the only bedroom scene was at the very end and was not suggestive or explicit at all.This book and the first in the series (no need to read book one first) are available at Amazon.Go here to purchase The 19th Element. You can go here to read my review of The Missing Element and to read more info. about the author.Many thanks again to Bostick Communications for allowing the opportunity to review Mr. Betchers work. It has been a pleasure.

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