Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shamra Divided by Barry Hoffman

Shamra Divided is book two of the Shamra Chronicles. The author Barry Hoffman has a website here that gives some great info. and background about the books.

This was my second opportunity to read books in the young adult category. I have chosen to offer to review in this category because I work with teenagers that are in prison. And they have a lot of time on thier hands to read.

As in all my reviews I want the reader, the author and the publicist to know and understand that I read every book completely to the end unless I state otherwise. And that I give a my own personal candid opinion about the book. My purpose is to invite other readers to consider purchasing the book.

I have to say in all honestly about this book I am torn. I personally found it a little daunting. The book jumps from the present to the past and back and forth througout. For me it was a little hard to keep up and a little frustrating. Just as I began to understand what was going on and get into the character the story jumped 200 years. (give or take a few years)

It really took me to the end before I really got the entire picture and figured out what was going on. There were lots and lots of characters in the book. I did feel that the author did a great job of describing the characters and the surroundings. Even though it was fantasy it was really easy to picture.

Here is a quote from the back of the book. . . "This is a rousing adventure novel that addresses the nature of personal responsibility and cultural prejudices while entertaining the reader from the first page to the last."

I did find the reading to be rather easy but I would not recommend it for anyone younger than 15 I just think the story is too complex to understand. It is clean and as wholesome as a fantasy story can be. There is no bad language or offensive scenes. I don't even think that the fighting or battle scenes where too explicit. This might be a good book to read as a family if a younger reader was interested and not able to read it or keep up.

I will be giving my copy of this book to the halfway house where I volunteer. Here's a link for more info. about my volunteer work. I know that they would enjoy reading it.

I would have no problem allowing my children to read this book.

I did a little research and found a little more info. here at the authors site.
I also found some info. about the author on the publishers website here.

You can purchase at Amazon here is the link.

This book was offered for this review by the author through Bostick Communications.

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